Here’s a bunch of projects I do in my free time. You are welcome to try these tools out. Bear in mind that most of them are couple of years old and may not be actively developed anymore.

  • Travian Crop Tool. Advanced tool for planning crop deliveries to WW villages to prevent famine and granary overflows. Player statistics.
  • OpenChemBase Chemical Inventory System. Keep track of your chemical inventory easily! Download this PHP-based database system for free.
  • Travian Task Queue. The original script for scheduling delayed constructions, upgrades and attacks in the popular web-based game Travian.
  • Travian Send Scouts. Makes sending your scouts easier in the popular web-based game Travian.
  • Files Plus module for more.groupware. Adds more features to the standard file manager extension for more.groupware.
  • Archiver. Provides node archiving capabilities for Drupal 4.7.x and 5.x.
  • Super Trooptool. Useful tool for troop management in the Travian game. Based on the RtWW Truppentool mod by waRhawK. Added support for groups of users and user roles (leaders), better parser for inserting troops, fixed many bugs.
  • Mephit Personal Toolbar. An old experimental add-on for Firefox. Creates additional Bookmarks Toolbar. No longer maintained, no longer functional.

I also created and host a couple of free online tools:

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